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"A good mentor teaches you how to think, not what to think."

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Traditional 16-week Courses:

Administration of Justice - UVI

CJ Research Methods & Analysis - UVI

Crime Prevention & Delinquency - UVI

Criminal Procedure & Evidence - UVI

Introduction to Criminal Justice - UVI & TSU

Introduction to Law Enforcement - TSU

Juvenile Justice - ASU

Law Enforcement-Community Relations - UVI

Police Organization & Administration - UVI

Research Methods - ASU

Seminar: Criminal Profiling - OPSU

Special Topics: White Collar Crime - OPSU

The American Legal System - TSU

White-Collar Crime - CHC

Accelerated 8-week Courses:

Community Policing - UVI Online

Correctional Systems & Practices - UVI Online

Intro to Criminal Justice - UVI Online

Introduction to CJ Ethics - UVI Online

Introduction to Corrections - OPSU

Juvenile Justice - UVI Online

Professional Strategies (Capstone) - UVI Online

Special Topics: Comparative Criminal Justice - OPSU

Graduate (Master's) Courses Taught

Accelerated 8-week/7-week Courses:

Comparative Criminal Justice - CSU

Research Methods in CJ Admin. - CSU

Research Methods I: Quantitative - Adler

Special Topics: White Collar Crime - TAMIU

Graduate (Doctoral) Courses Taught

Evaluating Criminal Justice Interventions - UAGC
Juvenile Justice - UAGC
Types & Characteristics of Crime - UAGC

Student Mentoring

Doctoral Project Committee Member - Psy.D. Students - UAGC
Senior Seminar Advisor - Criminal Justice Students - UVI


*Current affiliation with these institutions should not be inferred.*

Adler - Adler University
ASU - Arizona State University
CHC - Chestnut Hill College
CSU - Columbia Southern University
OPSU - Oklahoma Panhandle State University
TSU - Tennessee State University
TAMIU - Texas A & M International University
UAGC - University of Arizona Global Campus
UVI - University of the Virgin Islands

Teaching/Mentoring: Experience
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